Helpless Heroines

Damsel in DistressThe subject of the damsel in distress or persecuted maiden is a classic theme in world literature, art and film.

She is almost inevitably a young, nubile woman, who has been placed in a dire predicament by a villain or a monster and who requires a hero to dash to her rescue.

She has became a stock character of fiction, particularly of melodrama.

Theterm “damsel”, similar to French Mademoiselle – a completely archaic term, not used in contemporary English except for effect or in expressions such as this – testifies to its origin with the knight errant of Medieval songs and tales, who regarded the saving of such women an essential part of his raison d’etre.

Some claim the popularity of the damsel in distress is perhaps in large measure because her predicaments sometimes contain hints of BDSM fantasy

The helplessness of the damsel in distress, who can be portrayed as foolish and ineffectual to the point of naïvete, along with her need for others to rescue her, has made the stereotype the target of feminist criticism.But the critics miss the simple fact that it is FANTASY….. as was so clearly revealed in the classic “The Perils of Gwendoline”.The Perils of Gwendoline (aka The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak, aka Gwendoline ) is a french film named GWENDOLINE directed by Just Jaeckin with Tawny Kitaen (Gwendoline) ,Brent Huff and Zabou. It was made in 1983. The story is simple : a young woman and her friend (beth) start a search to find her father who disappear in Orient and will find him with the help of an adventurer after some difficult sitiations in the city, the jungle, the desert and a lost city of women warriors. It was supposed to be an HOMMAGE to John Willie‘s Gwendoline adventures so it include some nudity and fetishism.For more images, pictures and movies visit

The BondageCollector…..


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